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  • Product name: Sulphur yellow GC (sulphur yellow 2)
  • Product number: 1001.06
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C.I.Sulphur Yellow 2,C.I.53120,CAS 1326-66-5,Sodyesul Liquid Yellow GLCF,Sulphur Light Yellow GC,Sulphur Yellow GR,Sulphur Yellow GC,Sulphur Yellow GCD,Sulphur Yellow 2G
CAS Registry Number:1326-66-5
Properties and Applications:  deep green light yellow to dark red light yellow. Brown powder. Insoluble in water: in sodium sulfide solution for yellow brown solution; In concentrated sulfuric acid partly dissolved, dilution after yellow sulfur precipitation. Dyeing content in alkaline insurance powder in a slight change: in sodium hypochlorite in almost all fade; Join concentrated sulfuric acid into dark orange.