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  • Product name: Rhodamine 6GDN (basic red 1)
  • Product number: 1001.07
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Name:C.I.Basic Red 1,C.I.45160
Molecular Structure: Xanthene class
C.I.Basic Red ,Basic Red 6GDN
C.I.Basic Red 1,C.I.45160,CAS 989-38-8,479.01,C28H31ClN2O3,Basic Red 6GDN
Molecular Formula:C28H31ClN2O3
Molecular Weight: 479.01
CAS Registry Number:989-38-8

Properties and Applications:  bright blue light pink. Purple powder or flash of green light crystallization. Soluble in water for big red, with strong green fluorescent, soluble in ethanol for red, with the yellow fluorescence. In the thick of the acid is yellow, diluted in red. Dye with sodium hydroxide solution with a red precipitate. Mainly used in the manufacture of color break, used in ink. Can also be used for cotton, wool and silk dyeing.