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  • Product name: Basic violet 5bn (basic violet 3)
  • Product number: 1001.09
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Molecular Formula:C25H30ClN3
Molecular Weight: 407.98
CAS Registry Number:548-62-9

Properties and Applications: bright blue purple. SAP green flash even powder or small pieces. For purple soluble in water, soluble in ethanol for purple. The strong sulfuric acid for titian, dilute for dark green light after yellow, then turned into the blue and purple; In nitric acid for olive. The dye solution to join sodium hydroxide purple precipitation; Join the hydrochloric acid for blue. In the cotton dyeing thing of sulfuric acid solution 10% drops into green light yellow; On drop acid solution ferrie sulfate-potassium thiosulfate into dark yellow, and a green light blue rings. The fabric dyed tannins mordant dyeing, for colourful blue purple, tungsten light in a red. Used for silk dyeing, also used in wool dyeing and can be used for leather, paper, grass products, hemp dyeing, can be made into color break, to paint of paint, and stamp-pad stamp-pad oil, printing ink, and colored pencils cultural and educational supplies, etc. In medicine LongDanZi used for the original fluid.