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  • Product name: Malachite green (basic green 4)
  • Product number: 1001.14
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Molecular Formula:C23H25ClN2
Molecular Weight: 364.91
CAS Registry Number:569-64-2

Properties and Applications:  bright blue light green. Green belt flash crystallization. Soluble in cold water and hot water are blue-green, easily soluble in ethanol are blue-green. The strong sulfuric acid for yellow, diluted into dark orange; In nitric acid to orange, diluted into orange brown. The dye solution to join sodium hydroxide formation microstrip green white precipitation; Add hydrochloric acid to red light yellow. Used in acrylic, silk, wool, vinegar fiber dyeing, also used in leather, hemp, bamboo, wood, paper, shading, also used in the manufacture color amylum, solvent dye