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  • Product name: Solvent blue 136
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Product Name: solvent blue BL
Color Index :solvent blue 136
C.I. No:Solvent blue 136
CAS No:359630-27-6
Chemical Family:anthraquinone
Foreign relative brand:
Orasol blue 761B, Orasol blue BL
Solvent blue 136 Technical Properties
Solvent red BL is a reddish blue powder. It has good acid resistance,alkali resistance, with Very good solubility and stability in wide range of solvents, It is metal complex solvent dye,When used
for painting, it can bear 180-220℃ for 30 minutes.
Solvent blue 136 Application
Solvent blue BL main used for Wood stains, Aluminium, Polyester & metals foils, Printing inks, Stationery inks, Glass,Plastic & Metal coatings, Leather & Plastic coloration/finishing etc.