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  • Product name: Acid orangeII (acid orange 7)
  • Product number: 1001.27
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Molecular Formula:C16H11N2NaO4S
Molecular Weight: 350.33
CAS Registry Number:633-96-5

Properties and Applications: red light orange. Golden yellow powder. Soluble in water is red light yellow, orange soluble in alcohol. The strong sulfuric acid for quality in red, dilute create tan precipitation; In a golden of nitric acid; In the thick of sodium hydroxide solution not dissolve. Its water solution with hydrochloric acid generation tan precipitation; Add sodium hydroxide solution brown. In dyeing copper ions trend dark red in colour and lustre of iron ion shallow and dark. Discharge the gender is good. Mainly used for silk and wool dyeing, widely used in wool dyeing, can be used for wool, silk and polyamide fiber fabric of direct printing, leather and paper color, can also be used in indicator and biological shading. Is tasted can be used as a food dye, heavy metal salt used in organic pigments.