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  • Product name: Fluorescence brightener ob(fba 184)
  • Product number: 1001.32
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C.I. NO.: Fluorescent brightener 184
CAS NO.:7128-64-5
EC NO.:230-426-4
Molecular formula: C26H26N2O2S
Molecular weight: 430
Properties: The product is a bright yellow-green crystal powder. Its melting point is 196-203°C,Decomposition temperature is larger than 220°C.It is insoluble in water,dissolved in paraffin fat ,miner oil, wax and common organic solvents.The hue of the fluorescent light is blue light.The maximum wavelength of   absorptive light is 375 nm(ethyl alcohol).
Technical conditions:
Appearance: bright yellow-green crystal power.
Chromatic light: Bright-colored blue fluorescent light (similar to the standard product)
Melting point: 196-203°C
Content of solid: ≥99.5%
Fineness : through 100 meshes
Use: It is mainly used in brightening of thermoplastic plastics,PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, SAN, CA, PA, PMMA, acrylic resin ,polyester fibre, paint, coating,and printing ink .
It is packed in double corrugated carton lined with plastic bag.The net weight of each box is10 kg .Or packaged according to the requirement of the user.