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  • Product details: FY-183 is clear yellowish liquid at normal temperatures. It is soluble in water and it has good wetting property and permeability. It can reduce the surface tension significantly to improve the surface adhesion between liquid drops and leaves and to enhance Glyphosate absorption, transmission and translocation into the plant.BJT-1803 can apply in various glyphosate fo...
  • Product details: Aqueous emulsion
  • Product details: Paraquat agent
  • Product details: Microemulsion GM Assistant
  • Product details: This product is colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid at room temperature. Soluble in water, with excellent wetting and penetrating effect, can significantly reduce the surface tension of the solution, enhance the adhesion between droplets and leaves, enhance the absorption of the plant to the agent, and promote the conduction of the agent in the plant ...
  • Product details: Oil suspension agent
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