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It is brown-yellowish viscous liquid at room temperature and it can be dissolveed in water and most kind of organic solvents. It has excellent properties of thicken,emulsification, wetting and dispersion. The features are great universality and wide range of  application. It has a good emulsification effect of Xylene, 150#Solvent Oil, Methyl oleate, sec-butyl acetate. The emulsifier is widely applied in all kinds of pesticide formulations,such as emulsifiable concentrate(EC),microemulsion(ME), emulsion in water(EW)and oil solution(OL)

Defoaming agent

This product is a brown yellow liquid at room temperature. Soluble in a variety of organic solvents. It has excellent emulsifying, wetting, penetration, dispersion and other properties. The characteristics of the avermectin ointment compatibility is good, high efficiency of emulsification and emulsion stability, volatile little, low formulation cost. Especially suitable for high concentration of abamectin emulsifiable ointment preparation, ointment dosage of up to 60%. Good performance under various climatic conditions.

Oil suspension agent

This product is colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid at room temperature. Soluble in water, with excellent wetting and penetrating effect, can significantly reduce the surface tension of the solution, enhance the adhesion between droplets and leaves, enhance the absorption of the plant to the agent, and promote the conduction of the agent in the plant body. Weeding speedlly, high killing rate and low toxicity to aquatic organisms.It Suitable for the preparation of 200g/L Glufosinate Ammonium SL.

Microemulsion GM Assistant

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